AccreditationA Step towards Quality Dental Care

There are a number of dental clinics in India that offer a multitude of dental services. However, when there is time to choose a clinic, how should one choose?

It is equally important that along with infrastructure, stress is laid on infection control practices, hygiene measures; defined dental emergency protocols, proper record keeping, securing patient records & to information needs of the patient. These need to run seamlessly in the background to provide the best experience to the patient and the attendants.

A quality-conscious dental clinic should define all such activities internally, document the same, and impart necessary training to the staff. These documented activities include detailed job responsibilities, work instructions, checklists and quality indicators for the staff to follow.

So how will the patient know about these processes? He is not expected to inquire with the dental clinic whether they have these processes laid down. And how many processes could he check even if allowed to?

Accreditation is the key


Accreditation would be the single most important approach for assuring compliance of above mentioned support subsets and defining a quality Dental Facility. Accreditation system ensures that a Dental Facility, whether public or private, national or expatriate, play there expected roles in national health system.

Confidence in accreditation is obtained by a transparent system of control over the accredited facilities and an assurance given by the accreditation body that the accredited centre constantly fulfills the accreditation criteria.

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Team ACE HEALTH is a highly skilled and energetic team of professionals. I sincerely thank them for making my dream of NABH accreditation come true.

Dr. Kapil Sharma
Director, Triveni Dental Clinic Bhiwani

NABH Dental Accreditation

Quality Council of India [QCI] and its National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare providers [NABH] have designed exhaustive standards and objective elements for accreditation of dental care providers. To comply with these standards, the dental facility will need to have a process-driven approach in all aspects of dental activities – from registration to admission, pre, peri & post procedures protocols, to follow-up schedule.

NABH now is a member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care [ISQua] and thus NABH standard is at the threshold of being recognized globally. NABH Dental Accreditation is at its very nascent stage; any efforts to comply and have this tag will be a big boost for the Dental facility and shall build the confidence internally and externally.

So, if a dental clinic is NABH accredited, the patient can rest assured that the dental clinic follows stringent standards as laid down by the accreditation body for providing best in patient care comparable to any international dental clinic of repute.